May 19, 2022

Cloud migration of a blockchain-based platform

´╗┐Reduced cloud operation costs and increased flexibility by migrating a blockchain-based platform to a cloud-agnostic architecture.

Our client is an operator of an open-source blockchain-based distributed ledger platform, powered by Hyperledger fabric, to infuse efficiency, transparency, and security into regulatory reporting for its members. The platformÔÇÖs dependency on a specific cloud provider with high operational costs is affecting the member expansion.

89% of the respondents reported having a multi-cloud strategy in a 2022 survey. Cloud-agnostic architecture is the key enabler of the multi-cloud strategy.

Chainyard, as the consulting & development partner, helped the client to meet its objectives by developing a cloud-agnostic architecture and migrating the blockchain-based platform to AWS.


  • Eliminated dependency on a specific cloud ´╗┐by developing a cloud-agnostic architecture and migrating the platform to AWS
  • Reduced operational costs by migrating to a low-cost cloud provider
  • Increased the ability to use new features by upgrading the UI and APIs to the latest framework versions
  • Reduced deployment time by making the configuration & deployment process as infrastructure-as-code
  • Increased scalability of infra + data loading with the right cloud architecture and relevant set of services
  • Enhanced consent process by enabling the process to operate seamlessly even on large data sets

Chainyard is continuing to collaborate with the client in further enhancing the platform and developing the required solutions.