January 1, 2021

Digital Transformation of Software Recovery Process

Digital Transformation of Software Recovery: A self-service and cloud-based PC OS recovery solution. 

Our client,┬áa leading PC manufacturer, wanted to┬áaddress various challenges faced by the consumers when recovering the original PC OS image. Consumers were facing delays in the overall recovery time due to logistics issues or incorrect┬áDVD┬áversions sent at the first instance┬áand the organization was challenged with higher cost of operations and┬ámany┬ápersonnel dedicated to support and manage recovery processes. Chainyard, as an extended team to our clientÔÇÖs team, developed a cloud-based data recovery solution that empowers┬áthe┬áend users to independently download device recovery information without the support personnel intervention.┬á

The self-service solution significantly improved customer experience while also reducing the recovery time & costs for the organization.