Digital Classrooms/Education: A technology major transformed classroom activity management and remote education.

Our client, as part of a broader digital agenda, wanted to offer an immersive learning experience and better control by developing classroom management solution for educators and students. In specific, the client wanted to address challenges like inconsistent learning management methods in classrooms, widespread attention difficulties and distractions for students in the classrooms etc. Chainyard played a key role in developing a new classroom and remote education management solution that provides educators and administrators with a comprehensive platform to guide learning, increase collaboration and maximize classroom productivity. 

The new solution enhanced student monitoring and student device control while also improving the communication between teachers and students. 

Digital Transformation of Software Recovery: A self-service and cloud-based PC OS recovery solution. 

Our client,┬áa leading PC manufacturer, wanted to┬áaddress various challenges faced by the consumers when recovering the original PC OS image. Consumers were facing delays in the overall recovery time due to logistics issues or incorrect┬áDVD┬áversions sent at the first instance┬áand the organization was challenged with higher cost of operations and┬ámany┬ápersonnel dedicated to support and manage recovery processes. Chainyard, as an extended team to our clientÔÇÖs team, developed a cloud-based data recovery solution that empowers┬áthe┬áend users to independently download device recovery information without the support personnel intervention.┬á

The self-service solution significantly improved customer experience while also reducing the recovery time & costs for the organization. 

Development Operations Transformation: Next-gen & Extendible DevOps Orchestration Tool 

Our client institutionalized micro-services architecture & development for most of the projects. However, despite the many eventual advantages of micro-services, the teams were taking longer time and higher effort in building the right environments and composing relevant services for releases due to the multiplicity & complexity of scripts & configurations. Chainyard was given end-to-end responsibility from conceptualizing a self-organizing development process to UX design, system architecture and development. 

We leveraged our deep understanding & experience of cloud, modern development practices, micro-services approach, and CI/CD orchestration in building this modern DevOps Orchestration solution.