May 30, 2022

How to Get Started With Blockchain Adoption

Originally published at CEOWORLD MAGAZINE and written by Chainyard SVP Isaac Kunkel. Read the full article.

As the spending on┬áblockchain technology┬átotaled $6.6 billion┬áin 2021, more companies are figuring out how to get involved.┬á The exact┬áblockchain opportunities┬áare unique to each businessÔÇÖs existing ecosystems, stakeholders, and processes. The business model is critical; with a suitable business model, we see blockchain technology┬áeliminating 90% of redundant tasks, speeding up cycle time by 90%, and reducing administrative costs by half for most of these companies.

The article discusses 5 Ways to Discover Blockchain Opportunities, starting with understanding blockchain and new business models, getting buy-in from all stakeholders, finding the right technology partner, quantifying the business value to all participants, and finally, having a roadmap for continuous improvements.

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