April 5, 2018

IBM and Chainyard Discuss Lessons Learned in their Innovative Blockchain EAM Solution

Chainyard’s CTO and VP of Business Development recently got a chance to sit down with IBM to reflect on some lessons learned after wrapping up the development of our blockchain EAM solution. The original article (which can be found at the end of this article), tracks the journey of an IBM team tasked with improving the end-to-end management of enterprise assets.

Blockchain for EAM

We describe our starting point, the key architecture questions we had to answer, and our ultimate blockchain-based solution for our business. We share our lessons learned and thoughts on how to scale the system for future growth. Finally, we detail the IBM offerings we used and that are available to you for building your state-of-the-art blockchain solution.

Businesses need Blockchain infrastructure designed to meet their requirements for privacy, compliance, and performance. Every day, ChainyardÔÇÖs team helps advance Hyperledger, the leading open business Blockchain. Our architects, developers, security researchers, performance analysts, test engineers, and DevOps experts are solidifying the foundation on which enterprise Blockchain solutions are built.

We provide the right experts who bring the experience needed as solutions evolve from minimal viable products to enterprise-grade solutions. We work with multiple Blockchain technologies and have a specific focus on Hyperledger Fabric and its ecosystem.

Our team of Blockchain experts bring extensive experience in architecting, designing, building, testing, securing and operating complex distributed systems to help adopters of Blockchain technology succeed.

Chainyard are experts at Blockchain, and work with small, medium, and large companies to develop innovative blockchain EAM solutions every day. If you think you have a business need for blockchain, or are interested to learn more about our blockchain EAM solution detailed in this article, reach out to us and speak to an expert today.

Read how an IBM team discusses the challenges, architectural decisions, and lessons learned in their innovative solution